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SV's Advance Physiotherapy Clinic

Osteopathy Therapy

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Osteopathy is one of the oldest methods introduced in 1870.Osteopathy was developed single handedly Andrew Taylor Still,one of the well recognized Physician/Surgeon from USA.Specifically Osteopathy isbased on balancing all the body systems that is balancing Fascia,Muscles and other soft Tissues.According to Taylor the various systems of the body are interrelated and the healing occurs inside the body which acts as one single unit so the main treatment should be focused on balancing all the systems to promote permanent healing and induce persistent changes in the Body.

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Cranial Osteopathy

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Osteopathy will help by establishing the alignment in the spine,joints in order to prevent secondary problems to Ligaments Muscles,Tendons and other soft tissue structures.Realignment can help in restoring the balance of the body.A balanced Body will yield much better performance especially by the players aiming their career towards Olympics and other International Games.

It also includes Cranial Osteopathy,Visural Osteopathy,Lymphathic Drainage.